Item Preparation Guide

At Value Villa our job is to serve you. We do that by displaying for sale, your slightly used, still desirable possessions in an organized, clean, retail environment. We continue to grow, adding new consignors daily. That allows us to offer a greater variety of merchandise to our customers who appreciate the value of quality used items like yours. Our job takes the combined effort of a caring staff to sort, price, tag, and display over a thousand incoming items each day. By properly preparing your items for consignment, you can make a difference in how quickly your merchandise is processed for sale. Please use the following guide when getting your order ready for us…and thanks for trusting Value Villa to take care of your consignment needs.

All Items must be:

  • Clean! (No exceptions)
  • Free of dirt, mud, stains, odors (including cigarette smoke), food crumbs, bugs, and animal waste
  • Organized with sets placed together
  • Complete (No missing pieces)
  • Placed neatly into boxes (Plastic bags will not be accepted) (Oversized items and furniture excluded) (Boxes can be provided upon request)
  • Consigned in the proper season (See the season schedule)
Clothing must be:
  • Folded neatly and Free of excess wrinkles (They do not display/sell well)
  • Free of holes, stains, broken zippers, bad hems
  • Free of company logos or event advertising (exceptions such as “work” coats/coveralls may apply)
  • Not stretched, worn out, faded, bally or missing buttons or belts
  • In style or useful as a costume piece
  • New with tags or packaging for underwear
Shoes must:
  • Be Clean! (No mud, oil, grease, animal waste or stains)
  • Have laces if required and insoles
  • Be in like new condition for Women’s shoes
  • Be free of excess wear (including soles) for Men’s shoes
  • Some exceptions may be made for “work boots” or “snow boots”
Purses must be:
  • In like new condition (Includes wallets, clutches)
  • It is illegal to sell, "Knock Off," or Fake name brand merchandise. We will not display purses that cannot be verified as, "Authentic." They will be returned to the consignor or recycled
Household items must:
  • Have no exposed sharp objects that may injure our sorters
  • Have no frayed cords or otherwise be unsafe for immediate use
  • Be in proper working condition with all required parts (Including power cords and batteries)
  • Not be outdated
  • Have shades on lamps
  • Not be homemade…homemade crafts, needlepoint etc., don’t sell well (some exceptions may apply, ask at time of consignment)
Kitchen items and small appliances:
  • Must be clean (No grease, stuck on or baked on food)
  • Must not be chipped, cracked, or excessively worn
  • Must include all required cords, lids, and accessories that were included when new
  • Bread machines must have instruction/cooking guide
  • Dishes and silverware must be in sets of at least a 4 place setting (Some exceptions may apply for antiques or collectibles)
  • Glasses and mugs must be in sets of 4 (Some exceptions for wine glasses or collectible mugs may apply)
  • We do not accept large appliances except refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves (No built ins)
Bed & Bath and Personal items:
  • We DO NOT accept Personal Care products such as lotions, make up, perfume, etc., due to sanitary/health reasons.
  • Bed coverings and linens must be in like new condition
Electronic devices:
  • Must be in good working condition with all required cords/batteries
  • We do not sell: cell phones, car radios, satellite: radios, “Dish” or “Direct TV” equipment
  • Must not be outdated such as: VHS players, cassette players, component stereo equipment, 8 track players etc.
  • Computer software and components must be compatible with “Windows 7” or newer
  • Video game consoles must be complete with correct controllers, cables, power supplies
  • TV’s must be flat panel (no box back), no older than 10 years
Sports, pet, tools, outdoor & gardening equipment:
  • Must all be clean: free of dirt, rust, grease, oil, pet hair, yard waste, saw dust, hard water deposits
  • Must be sorted into individual sets or pieces (we will not untangle knotted up necklaces/bracelets)
  • Must be genuine gold, silver, titanium, platinum, tungsten etc.
  • CZ and imitation gems accepted as long as they are set in metals listed above
  • Some exceptions may apply to unique costume or antique pieces
  • Inexpensive, plastic, non-precious metal, costume pieces will be discarded or used for art/craft work
  • Watches must be running (some exceptions for antiques)
  • Must be in good condition
  • Must not be marked in
  • Must be no older than 5 years for educational material
  • We do not accept encyclopedias
Infant items must:
  • Be very clean and include all original safety devices
  • Not be on “CPSC” recall list
  • Not be older than 5 years for car seats/bases

**Items not meeting our standards will be handled in accordance with our “Consignment Agreement.”